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Register keeper:

Children's Day Foundation / Linnanmäki

Linnanmäki Online store

Business ID: 0116659-8

Postal address: P. O. Box 37, FI-00101 Helsinki

Telephone: +358 10 572 2200


Contact person for register issues:

Juho Rissanen,

Name of register:

Linnanmäki Online store customer register

Purpose of register:

The customer register of Linnanmäki Online store is used for customer relationship management, execution of the rights and obligations of the customer and Online store, as well as for processing personal data for the purposes of online service provision, research, communication, and targeting the advertising and/or direct marketing of the Children's Day Foundation and/or its partners to the registered customers in keeping with the Finnish Personal Data Act. The Children's Day Foundation will not release information from its customer register to external third parties.

By accepting the terms and conditions of registration, the user grants the Children's Day Foundation the right to process the information provided by the user as required for the maintenance and development of the customer relationship. The user can opt to join a mailing list to receive newsletters and offers relating to Linnanmäki. The user can opt-out from the mailing list by sending an e-mail to

Data contents of register:

  • The customer's contact information (name, address, telephone number, e-mail address for contacts)
  • Customer number and login information (password/username)
  • Permission information (customer's consent to receiving marketing communications)
  • Purchase transaction information
    Information about the termination of a customer relationship

Regular sources of information:

The source of information is the information given by the customer upon registration and during the customer relationship. The register contents are updated based on the customer's notifications. The register may be updated based on the population register or other registers.

Regular release of information:

The register keeper shall not release any information from the customer register to external parties without the customer's prior consent or separate notification.

Protection of register:

The customer register is treated as confidential and it is appropriately protected against unauthorised access. No hard copy of the register is kept. The register is only used by members of the Children's Day Foundation's staff, whose job description includes such tasks. Every user has a personal username and password. Access rights to the register are granted and monitored by a designated person in charge of the register. Register databases and their back-up copies are kept in locked, guarded premises. The network and hardware, where the register is located, are protected against external access with firewalls.

User's responsibility:

Each user of the Linnanmäki Online store is responsible for the correctness of information provided by him/her and for the use and keeping of his/her personal username and password.

Deleting information from the register:

The user is entitled to check, edit and remove register information concerning him/her. This can be done by logging into the online service with the username and password or by contacting the customer service. The service provider may be required to delete information from the register if its monitoring measures reveal that the customer is abusing the service.

Changes of rules:

The service provider is entitled to change the rules of registration. Users are notified of these changes in the service or by e-mail. By continuing the use of the service, the users acknowledge acceptance of the changed rules.