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Season Fun Taiga 2023

Get a wristband and a Taiga Shortcut ticket every opening day during the season 2023.

With Season Fun Taiga, you will get one wristband, including unlimited rides*, every day during the season 2022. Each day you will also get a Taiga Shortcut ticket which allows you to pass the Taiga queue once per day.

This is how Season Fun Taiga works:

  1. Buy Season Fun Taiga by clicking the button below
  2. After receiving the activation code you can download Season Fun app (Linnanmäki Kausihupi) from the AppStore (Apple) or Google Play (Android).
  3. Enter your activation code into the app and your magic-filled summer can begin!
  4. To get to your wristband and Taiga Shortcut ticket, please show your app at the Pickup Desk in Linnanmäki (next to Taiga).

Privacy policy and regulations.

* Please note that the wristband allows visitors to enjoy rides in line with current height and safety restrictions. We recommend Season Fun for visitors over the age of 12.

While having fun at Linnanmäki you are supporting child welfare work >>