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Lintsi Games -game ticket booklet

Game coupon booklet contains five coupons that you can use on fun.

The game tickets can be used at following games: Derby, Tähtipallot, Tykinkuulat, Pellet and Pumputin. You can use the tickets to try your hand at different games, or have a tournament and spend them all on one game. The Lintsi Games booklet is not personal; you can divide the tickets between friends, if you wish.

Pre-ordered products can be collected from the pickup desk with the order code found in the order confirmation. The pickup desk is located in the centre of Linnanmäki next to the ferris wheel, Rinkeli.

You can also order the booklets to be mailed to you.

The product is valid during the season 2019. Products that are not picked up or used cannot be redeemed or exchanged for other products. The product is subject to two (2) weeks' return right.